About This Site


This is a simple Blog I created in WordPress to understand the software and help my wife with her own site – rozinaspersiankitchen.com

My interest grew and I now write mostly on Science, Technology and Politics.

Some may say that I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’. That may well be true, and I welcome the pejorative. But conspiracies do exist. Especially those which are driven by greed, power and wealth.

I cannot help but think that the SARS-CoV2 pandemic is nothing more than a deception to lead the world into totalitarianism where the work of the many are controlled at the whim of the few.

Presidents and Prime Ministers have a short life-span. The fabulously wealthy are in it for the long game. Their wealth, power and influence lasts for generations and is either passed on or subsumed by new elites.

They have a crippling influence on national policies from war and technological advance to health and social care. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. Policies which can only be described as the psychopathic desire for a brutal reinstatement serfdom.

Welcome to my nighhtmares.