The price of covid madness. Virus drives up redundancies to record high | Daily Mail Online

A total of 370,000 workers lost their jobs in the three months to October, according to the Office for National Statistics – 217,000 more than in the previous three months.

Source: Virus drives up redundancies to record high | Daily Mail Online

The ‘virus’ has not driven up unemployment. Government policies have.

The big takeaway from this article is the £43 BILLION spent on government subsidised wages (furlough).

£43 Billion.

Let that sink in for a minute. It’s a difficult number to make sense of, so here is some things to put it into context.

  • £43 billion is roughly 29% of the UK NHS annual funding.
  • With £43 billion you could buy 215,000 houses at £200k each!
  • 43 billion miles is 89,996 round trips to the moon.
  • There are 7.8 billion people on the planet. With £43 billion you could afford to give each one £5.51
  • Bill Gates has over £50 billion. With £43 billion you could tell him to fuck right off.

This is “just” the cost of furlough. When the rests of the costs to society such as loss of GDP, donations to pharmaceutical companies, building empty Nightingale hospitals, loss of tax revenues, unemployment benefits, quantitative easing….the true cost will be measured in trillions.

This is madness. It is insane. It will have repercussions for years to come. Many more people will suffer ill health and die because the NHS is now the National Coronavirus Service. Got an appointment to treat your cancer? Hard cheese. It’s cancelled.

Todays children will suffer for decades. No education. No job. No future.

All to save Granny and give her a couple of more years of life. Selfish bitch!

Cui Bono? It ain’t you.

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