Austria: Live PCR test in Parliament: Coca Cola tests COVID-19 positive – Europe – Israel National News

Austrian MP administers COVID-19 PCR test to beverage Coca Cola in plenum before colleagues. Popular drink tests positive for COVID-19.

Source: Austria: Live PCR test in Parliament: Coca Cola tests COVID-19 positive – Europe – Israel National News

A wonderful Christmas toy for the children. See how many mad things you can test that are Covid positive. I’d love to see a nip of Glen Morangie test positive.

The money that has been spent on this nonsense is absolutely staggering.

The people who were turfed out of hospital into care homes and left to rot is nothing less than government sponsored euthanasia.

The ‘heroes’ of the NHS filmed themselves on Tik Tok dancing round handbags and were applauded for doing fuck all.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, small businesses, large businesses, pubs, high streets, cafes…….you name it have all suffered and will probably never recover.

Pharmaceutical companies, whose business models were failing are now laughing all the way to the Bank. Billions to investigate “the virus”. Billions to develop “the vaccine”. Billions of tax-payer money used to buy “vaccines” (they are not vaccines in the accepted understanding of the word) to “battle, combat, fight” (substitute whichever military term you like) for a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate which kills virtually no-one.

And don’t forget the sight of human beings walking and incredibly, driving, around in the open air with a piece of cloth wrapped round their faces.

These truly are disturbing times.


  1. I do not know that. I just dont appreciate the factually incorrect title. If you have an argument to make about anything else relating to the PCR tests, then this factually incorrect statement defo doesn’t improve the perception of validity of what ever else you are referring to.


  2. Hi Risto
    You are right. It’s not a PCR test. I have never known a PCR test being used as a diagnostic tool for a viral tool before now. I’d be grateful to hear your opinion on how this could affect the classification of a covid19 death.


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