Scots to get covid vaccine ‘next month’ as health secretary sets out ambitious plan – Daily Record

Jeane Freeman announced who is first in line and how long it could take to cover the country.

Source: Scots to get covid vaccine ‘next month’ as health secretary sets out ambitious plan – Daily Record

Scotland officially became a Police State at 18:00 hours, Friday the 19th of November.

The previous day the collection of inept muppets formally known as the Scottish Government announced that 4.4 million people in Scotland would be vaccinated by March next year.

The ‘Health’ Minister, Jeane Freeman (pictured above asking for help in finding a clue) had this unadulterated nonsense to say:

“For now, the important thing is that when we start to deliver these first vaccines, it will be on the basis that they offer some form of protection, even if we don’t at this stage, know exactly how much protection that is. And it will be safe. So when we get in touch with you, please go for the vaccine. It offers you a level of protection we don’t have through any other means.”

She does not know if the vaccine will have any effect or which vaccine it will be, but it ‘will be safe’ because there is fuck all else they can think of doing.

Baldric himself would have been highly impressed with Freeman’s fuckwitted cunning plan. Let’s inject an untried and untested substance with unknown effectiveness into a population 95% of whom will never in the slightest way be affected by the ‘deadly virus’.

Neither Pfizer nor Moderna has yet to receive a license to push their rapidly produced snake oils on the population. When and if they do, neither company will be liable for any injuries the potion may cause in the population.

Will Freeman be exempt from prosecution? Her department is the provider of these drugs and she is the head dealer.

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