Central England Temperatures from 1659 – Quick Python Analysis

The analysis is from a github HTML page.
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I have been following Tony Brown’s articles on the The Rise and Fall of Central England Temperatures on the Wattsupwiththat website for some time.
He has recently written Part 3 looking at 2000 – 2019 to identify a decline in temperatures over these years. I encourage all to read his articles. They are well researched and make for interesting reading.
The MET office data sets can be found HERE. and they ask that this paper should be referenced:
A new Central England Daily Temperature Series by Parker, Legg and Folland (1992) which I will call paper 1.
It should, I think, be read in conjuction with Uncertainties in Central England Temperatures 1878 – 2003 and Some Improvements to the Maximum and Minimum Series by Parker and Horton (2005) which I will call Paper 2.
They are both required reading before undertaking any data exploration.
Initially, I will use the Monthly Mean Central England Temperature data set and see what happens when Python and all it’s scientific libraries can examine it, but I may move into more data sets as time goes on.
May I say that I have nothing but admiration for the work that goes into the preparation of these data. There are some seriously clever scientists at the Met Office.
Personally I have no axe to grind regarding the efficacy of the data as given. It is what it is.
I do have some misgivings about adjustments made for Urban Heat Island effects which I discovered in a previous study on the temperature from the Radcliffe Observatory in Oxford versus measured temperatures at Benson some 14 miles away in regards to daily minimum temperatures where I found a 1.17o centigrade difference.
As a disclaimer, I also have yet to see proof of a direct correlation between CO2 levels and temperature or the theory of back radiation.
There will be a lot of python code to follow which you can ignore if you want or criticise if you want. Most of the code will contain comments as to it’s purpose and my own text will be in the same format as this text, although different background colours may be used to differentiate between subjects.

Global warming forces thousands to flee the streets of Bristol to escape the heat.

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