A Dose of Fracking

Just when you finish writing an article on correlation, someone posts a brilliant article on the misuse of statistics.

Josh Bloom posted an article on ‘Pricncipia Scientific‘ that has a good laugh at this paper from Yale ‘scientists’. They have somehow managed to ‘prove’ a correlation between Fracking in Texas and the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

I highly recommend reading Josh’s article. It shows how statistics can be misused to the point of hilarity.

What amazes me is why anyone would even think of looking for such a correlation in the first place. I can only surmise that someone had a bad fracking experience at the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and decided to get his own back. All that drilling and fluid injection may have been to much for him.

It is a warning to us all. But if you want to experiment yourself, then try out his site.

Spurious Correlations

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