Peter Lawwell and the Goblet of Fire

Celtic have completed a Treble Treble. Never been done before and a fourth will be nigh on impossible.

In the Scottish Cup final, Celtic managed a magnificent 7 shots with 2 on target. One of those was a penalty.

Yet Peter Lawwell says, and I quote, “We still have a core of a lot of good players. I think people are maybe overestimating what we need to do or overstating it.”

This shows a lack of ambition both on the field and off it and a lack of appreciation of where Celtic are at the moment. Lawwell is supposedly the Bertie Big Pants of Scottish Football, jetting off for serious discussions on the future of European Super Leagues. the Champion of the wee teams.

Aye, right.

Lustg, Izzie, Toljan, Burke, Gamboa, Allan, Boyata, Benkovic, Compper and Mulumbu will all be gone.

Maybe Morgan will be sold to Sunderland. The 2 Americans seem nothing more than a marketing exercise. As for Benyu? Who knows? Kouassi? Your guess is as good as mine. Bayo and Shved are unknown quantities.

That does leave a core of good players. The departures will help to free up a bloated wage bill. It also leaves a list of defenders of Ralston, Simunovic, Ajer and Tierney. That’s it! No rebuilding job, Peter?

I am also unimpressed by the expectations put on Griffiths to be a Knight in Shining Armour in Celtic’s forward line.

And then the enigma that is Neil Lennon, who does not believe that a Goal Keeper should retain possession by playing out from the back. Presumably he wants to emulate the style of Zlamal at Hearts and kick it long every time the ball nears his foot. Bain was obviously instructed to do this on Saturday with little success.

Lennon also prefers aimless crosses into the box which are about as effective as slapping Mike Tyson’s shoulder.

There is also the small matter of a back room staff that needs a complete blood transfusion and a kick into the 21st century. Celtic has no Head of Scouting after Congerton’s, albeit afternoon flit, to Leicester.

The Celtic Board has known since last summer that Rodgers was for the off. They have had nearly a year of succession planning to replace Rodgers and his back team staff. What happened? Celtic were left with Kennedy, Duff ( who was just in the door) and Lennon riding in. More Don Quixote than Sir Galahad.

I have no idea whether the Board are happy being a parochial wee club in Scotland or have grander ambitions.

Well, that’s not strictly true. Actions speak louder than words. No succession planning means no planning, no vision of where the business wants to be in 5 years and a lack of ambition to even be the ‘big fish’ in the Scottish pond. Or maybe there was. And Lennon was it.

Despite all Dave King’s faults, too numerous and well known to mention, he actually went out and convinced a Football Super Star to become the ‘manager’ of The Rangers.

Celtic could easily have done so. But didn’t.

You would think that the prospect of earning £30 million from the Group Stages of the Champions League would give Celtic some ambition. Last summer should have been a wake-up call.

Lawwell is so wrong. Not only does the team need rebuilt, the very structure of the footballing operations need strengthened and driven forward from the foundations that Rodgers (spit) built.

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