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Scotland’s Corona Virus Shame.

This is a basic analysis of the Scottish Governments own figures of the Corona Virus ‘crisis’ to the end of April 2020. The numbers they have produced are a damning critique on the their response and policy implementations.

Central England Temperatures from 1659 – Quick Python Analysis

The analysis is from a github HTML page. Click HERE to render Web Page I have been following Tony Brown’s articles on the The Rise and Fall of Central England Temperatures on the Wattsupwiththat website for some time. He has recently written Part 3 looking at 2000 – 2019 to identify a decline in temperaturesContinue reading “Central England Temperatures from 1659 – Quick Python Analysis”

Grouping Data in Pandas

As you explore your data with Pandas, you will almost always want to see it in different formats. You may want to lok at the relationship between different observations or structure the data into something more easily read or understood. Using the Pandas groupby function is a tool that you will use often. It isContinue reading “Grouping Data in Pandas”

Build your own ‘Alexa’ with Python

It never ceases to amaze me how the vast number of libraries available to Python can help you build solutions to complex problems with minimal effort.

This a video tutorial from Brad Traversy on how to build your own ‘Alexa’. Check out his website here.